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iMODEL NETWORK; the worldwide networking community for Models, Photographers, Artists, Designers, Industry Professionals and more ... Inspire and Empower, where artists connect, and Stars are born. INFO & LINKS: https://www.Facebook.Com/notes/Seth-Garcia/546286425451914

TO OUR BELOVED FANS: Thank you for your untiring support. It is you that make the difference in our lives! Thank you, are words, way to small, to express the gratitude and appreciation we ALL have, for the support you have shown us and continue to show us. When it all comes down at the end of the day, we know it is YOU FANS that have shaped us and have made it possible for us to continue to wake up each day to entertain you.

iMODEL GLOBAL is the largest Model Industry group in the FREE WORLD and is proud to be represented by over a 100 countries and growing. (FREE as in it doesn’t cost you anything to start a portfolio, post images, build your business, participate, get inspired and empowered).

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