The Institute for Political and Civic Engagement (iPACE) is providing education and training courses to Myanmar community leaders involved in political parties, labor movements and civil society. Courses will increase the knowledge and practical application of fundamental democratic principles and promote citizen engagement to inform more representative, accountable governance.

Since the Institute was established in September 2012 at the American Center in Yangon, the program has trained 452 participants from 22 different political parties, 11 labour unions, and 225 different organizations that include CSOs, media, religious organizations, student unions, women's groups, and other groups. 113 participants have come from 13 states or divisions outside Yangon. Together, alumni now represent a diverse set of 24 ethnicities and all major religions represented in Myanmar.

In June of this year, iPACE expanded it presence by launching new activities in Mandalay at the U.S. Embassy’s Jefferson Center. Since then, iPACE courses have brought together 97 democracy leaders representing 45 different civil society organizations and political parties.

Additionally, a series of "mobile trainings" allowed iPACE to expand its reach and programmatic footprint by training an additional 212 people in Chin State, Kachin State, Kayin State, Mandalay Division, Mon State, and northern and eastern Shan State.

iPACE is implemented by World Learning - an international non-profit organization advancing leadership through education, exchange, and development programs in more than 60 countries. Visit www.worldlearning.org for more information.