I AM JAMAICA is responsible for attracting and developing foreign investments. We will guide you throughout your decision making process.

Our dedication is to make your decision making process as beneficial and effortless as possible, we are eager to lead you through the initial inquiry phase arrange a suitable itinerary to visit Jamaica, and culminate with an objective evaluation of the potential success of your project in Jamaica in comparison to neighboring countries, based on the current climate. If your business requires finding suitable local partners, we will aid you through the process and ensure that an open exploratory dialogue can take place.

Meeting your business requirements is our primary goal. Our aftercare service will provide assistance by mediating on your behalf with local authorities and government, supporting your expansion or reinvestment needs, aiding in obtaining required permits, and be at your disposal at all times to ensure the continued success of your business venture in Jamaica.

We pledge to collaborate closely with you to facilitate that growth in Jamaica.


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Any communication among people requires that certain basic premises be understood and accepted by all parties, I AM JAMAICA discussions are no different. Please take a moment to read the following guidelines so that you are clear on the premises that underlie the I AM JAMAICA Group.

Note that repeated violators will be warned first, and then have their privilege revoked if the violations are repeated. We would prefer not to do this, so we ask everyone to be respectful and keep it civil.

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Net Lingo

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