IAS Association

Nexus for Good Governance and Administration

This is the group ...for Members of the Indian Civil and Indian Administrative Service Officers posted in States and Government of India, which has been started on behalf of the Indian Civil & Administrative Service (Central) Association, New Delhi.

The objective of this e-group is to provide a forum for all serving and retired ICS and IAS officers to share their thoughts and ideas for welfare of the Service as a whole.

Only IAS officers (serving, retired or former) are eligible to be Members of this group.

Those who are not IAS officers (serving, retired or former) are requested not to make requests to join.

The discussions on this forum are internal to the Members of the Association and are not to be shared on any public or private forum.

IAS Aspirants will be eligible only after they get through the Exam and join Foundation course in LBSNAA Mussoorie as IAS (Officer Trainees).
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