►Anime High School►

►Anime High School►
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Whether you love manga, anime or games, this is a place where you can stay~! This is the place where you belong ♥ In here, we are a family of Otakus.

\ (•◡•) /Guidelines\ (•◡•) /
♫Invite your friends here, the more, the merrier!!!♫
♫Feel free to post anime related, quizzes, mini games, and contests♫
♫Light gore and Ecchi are allowed (hentai not included) ♫
♫Join or Make party, role playing, and others are allowed♫
♫NO SELFIE, undescent post and others (this is not your timeline)♫

All the actions are monitored by us :D

Shido Kotori (Roy Cagalawan)
Founded by: Roy Cagalawan
Founded on: April 29, 2014