ICD (Institute for Community Development)

ICD is a non profit organisation which was founded in 2007 currently operating from three main cities of Bangladesh- Dhaka, Chittagong and Sylhet.

Almost exclusively staffed with volunteers they provide the wider community with authentic islamic literature like books and cds. The volunteers work tirelessly to bring about islamic awareness in the community. They work to bring people out of the darkness of shirk (polytheism) to the light of Tawheed(Islaamic monotheism) by the Will of Allaah. It is a da’wah centre to spread the true message of Islaam on the basis of Quran, Sunnah and the understanding of the pious predecessors (the salaf) and is open for all.

ICD currently runs classes for men and women and children. Their well equipped library serves both books for borrowing as well as buying along with ICD volunteers working for the muslims and the non muslims by providing da'wah through a wide range of products such as books on hadith, sunnah, various misconceptions on Islaam, children's stories as well as providing islamic clothings and many more.

With the youth being ICD's one of the main focuses they provide support through counselling services, information and education.
By the Will of Allaah ICD has also succeeded to establish an Islamic schools in Dhaka named SCD (School for Community Development).

Each week notable speakers especially students of knowledge who have graduated or studied from well known Islaamic Universities like Islamic University of Madeenah are invited to speak on various topics and books.

The purpose of opening this group is to make you aware of this da’wah centre which requires no prior registration or membership as it is open for all no matter what your background is and you are all invited! We’ll be posting updates of our weekly activities inshaaAllaah and future plans, so come and join us and invite your friends,family and whoever you know close to you or far from you. Help us propagate the true message of Islaam without falling into any of the 72 sects described by our beloved Prophet (SallaAllaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam) inshaaAllaah.

[001.006] Guide us to the Straight Way

[001.007] The Way of those on whom You have bestowed Your Grace, not (the way) of those who earned Your Anger, nor of those who went astray.