The School of Science & Technology, Metropolitan University

Welcome to the official group of The School of Science and Technology of Metropolitan University, Sylhet. It is the group where we the Engineers and the Engineers-to-be will gather and share important notes and notices about our studies, works and job experiences.

Its a ICT Students committee where we can discuss study, programming related topics and also creative ideas.

And of course it is the community of Engineers, the creative peoples of CSE and EEE department of our university.

We the engineers DO NOT NEED any rules as we have the manners, but still for maintaining our favorite group peacefully, here's some points which you need to keep in mind.

Why this group:

1. This group is ONLY and ONLY for CSE and EEE Students, Teachers and Ex-Seniors.
2. From this group the students can get all the notices, class routines and exam schedules.
3. You can get many ideas about your future careers, tips and tricks from the ex-seniors who are job holders, lecturers and also owners of IT Firms.

What you can post and what you cant:

1. You can post anything which is related to ICT like study related, techno news, Blood Donation etc.
2. We engineers are not immune from entertainment and so you can share any type of ICT related Jokes, Poems but don't be offensive.
3. If you have any blog, page or group which are related to general knowledge, games etc then message it to the one of the admins the admin will post the links BUT ONLY ONCE.
4. We won't allow any post which is offensive or political. If any member post these kind of post more than once then the admins will ban him/her from the group
5. Do not post any advertisements or non-ct related articles on this group. These posts will not be approved and will be deleted.

Be nice and respectful to other members. Don't make any offensive comment that hurts someone.

Admins reserve the right to take appropriate actions including removing the post, comment or the person.

Remember, here in this group we have our respected Dean sir, our department's Teachers and Ex-seniors.

To the Juniors! Please RESPECT your Seniors.
To the Seniors ! Please LOVE your Juniors and earn the respect.

We the admins usually filter the group members and have the right to ban anyone who is not from our School of science and Technology as because its only the official group of SST.

Any member who fails to follow above rules repeatedly may be removed from the group at the admin's discretion.

Always CHECK the PINNED POSTS otherwise you might miss important notices.

We thank you for your cooperation in helping us make this group a success.