Ideal Protein Supporters Phase 1 Group

This group was created to help others reach their goal in Phase 1. With the support, tips and advice from others I know we will all reach our goals .I created this site when I started IP and needed help, advice and support. I know everyone is not perfect and we all mess up here and there but I think everyone should try to give the diet 100%.
Cheats: This diet is not cheap and if you are cheating you are wasting your money and time that you have put into it. Granted everyone has a different story where it may be the holidays, a hard day, stress or a family member problem or concern. It's ok to post you cheats to help get the support you need but please don't post pictures of your cheats.
Support : we all give and take support in different ways. We all try to be helpful however please think before you speak. Some of the comments I have been noticing over the last couple days come off being rude and harsh. We are all in this together. If you have nothing nice to say please don't say it. Just skip over the post and go on .
IP - In order for this diet to work you should be following the sheet 100% that your coach has provided you with. You should not be adding to it or tweaking it. However there are spices and condiments that are ok. If your not sure just ask. Clinics / Centers: Remember that not every clinic or center have the same coach or protocol. This seems to be creating a lot of tension in the group. Kinda like a he said she said problem.
This Group : this is an IP 100% no alternative group. I know some people may be out of town and run out of their items.. You need to contact your coach to get the proper items you need. Also there are IP centers everywhere that can help you.
I think we have a great group here of support and I'm proud of what my little group has become.
I also just wanted to let everyone know that I added Steven Larry as an adm to help me with post, advice and adding members. I so happy he has been able to help me and I think he's doing a great job. I know some of you like him and some of you disagree with him. Steven is a true IP man. He is strict IP and shows and tells what the diet is all about. He is very passionate about this diet as well as I am too. Steve and I talk everyday and night. He let's me know what's going on in the group. We also discuss the problems we see with members and decided if they get a warning or need to leave the group. We make these decision together. So if you are upset about a decision just remember it was a GROUP decision. I stand by his decisions. I also am 100% passionate about IP and feel that for the best results the diet needs to be followed 100%.
Thank you everyone for being part of the site and for all your advise, recipes and support. You all are what makes this site.