ID Please (Marine Creature Identification)

Dear ID Please! Members:

This group is for the identification of marine animals and plants.
Everyone is asked to follow these guidelines (Update August 22nd 2015):

1.) As much as possible, please provide the following information for the to-be-identified critter in your photo:
- dive site / location / country
- depth
- size
- other data that might be helpful for identification
* No need to specify camera settings and such.

2.) As much as possible, please provide scientific names when suggesting critter identification. Common names tend to lead to confusion.

3.) Please post single photos only! If you want to add additional shots (e.g., different perspective, zoomed version, etc.), add those photos as comments under your post. You can find an example here:

4.) Please don't share links or posts from other parts of Facebook, because those photos won't always be accessible to all members. Also it's more convenient without links as you won't have to leave ID Please!, and your photos or videos can be seen on the wall and in the group's media folders.

5.) All photos & videos posted on ID Please! belong to their respective owners. Please do not make use of them in any manner without prior permission from the owners.
6.) No spamming, please! Spam posts will be deleted and those responsible will be removed and banned from the group.

7.) We are an international group, so please use only English when posting and commenting here.

8.) Only photos taken of animals & plants in their natural habitat will be accepted. If you are a scientist with a good reason for posting photos of animals and plants in tanks, on towels, in plastic boxes, in petri dishes etc., please state your reasons for doing so otherwise your photos will be deleted.

9) If you notice a photo not according to the ID Please! guidelines, please post the following graphic as a comment.

If you have any suggestions or questions, please contact us.

Your ID Please! administrators Blogie Robillo and Kati Hachenberg
Have a great day!