Indian Federation of Investors and Real Estate - IFIRE

Welcome to the Indian Federation of Investors and Real Estate. IFIRE is an independent self-monitoring and networking body without a commercial objective.

IFIRE represent the following sectors :
• Builders & Developers
• Construction Manufacturers
• Building materials and suppliers
• Investors & Financiers
• Industry
• Architects and Interiors
• Corporate Sector
• Societies and Associations
• Skills and Educations
• Professionals

The IFIRE is the India's largest exclusive networking council body of builders, developers, brokers, channel partners, investors, financiers, contractors, engineers, surveyors, designers, MEP consultants, architects & its service & maintance providers and industry associations and project heads, purchase heads, land & legal heads, billing engg, sales & marketing heads, corporate communication heads, finance & taxation heads, fund raising heads of the organization under one roof.

IFIRE main highlights involves:

• Support and advise your Branding, Business plan and guide you in Marketing strategy, planning and execution across the world.

• Help align your projects to achieve their goals.

• Develop your skills and the skills of your project heads, purchase heads, land & legal heads, billing engg, MEP, sales & marketing heads and corporate communication head it can helps to keep your projects competitive and increase project-building visibilities, productivity and innovation.

• Advise construction & real estate education and training programs.

• Providing very close linkages with decision makers, founders of the companies, all top levels professionals of the organization.

Our Mission is to inspire construction and real estate leadership, protect, promote and educate its industry and expose them to various business/career opportunities.

• To provide construction and real estate-related resources to local, state, national and international companies & professionals, societies, associations, academic institutions, organizations, corporate, students and industrial sectors.

• To develop, support and promote real estate developments, construction and investments through our networking, brokers, investors, channel partners, associations and standards of excellence in the industry.

Amit Kumar- 09873927287, Shiv Kumar- 09811198355, Brijesh Pratap Singh- 09868910905,
Mahinder Singh- 09313643321, Arvind Bhardwaj- 09555119599, Shivakant- 09540484730