Igorots@Facebook aims to develop within its members the knowledg...e, skills and cultural understanding of the Igorot Culture and be proud and responsible citizens in a global society. To this end, Igorots@Facebook encourages all members to become active, life-long learners and good citizens who, by creative and critical thinking, can make positive contributions to their community.

The IGOROTS@FACEBOOK (I@FB) was created to socialize and make friends. Please lets be Responsible enough to what we are posting and commenting. This group is created to have up-building conversations for the Igorot Online Community. Let's make use of it as such. Let's not use this group to spread rumors and destroy someone's reputation. That is the job of the Law, not ours.

We wish to inform the new members of the reason why this group was created way back 2008. It was to promote camaraderie among Igorots netizens and those who wish to be our friends. Some of you are suggesting we make it a close group for the Igorots only. We suggest that we use it to help educate those who want to know more about us Igorots. It was one of the reason the creator Anin Goldiwhil made this group, to help us keep our identities intact and to help educate people about us.

There are many posts that should be banned but let us not be too sensitive also about other posts that questions our credibility. Sometimes it is our reactions that make the issues hot. Let us look at issues objectively and instead of confirming to those who hate us that their ideas of Igorots are true, we will gain their compassion if we educate them instead. Ideas clash but let us respect each other even those who hate us and we will gain more respect for the Igorots in general.

We suggest also that we upload up building and educational materials. Something to make us smile and laugh are also welcome. But admins will remove posts that clearly violate the rights of others.

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