I grew up in Norfolk

Welcome to the largest, longest running & most popular Facebook and internet site for sharing fond memories of growing up in Norfolk. This is a family oriented group, so
we ask each member's cooperation in keeping things fun, comfortable
and positive along with the following:

Please be NICE and RESPECTFUL of each other; the memories shared here, our home town and this group. No PROFANITY, no POLITICS, no SEX (including nudity) , no DRUGS, no SPAM/SCAMS, no MARKETING or PHISHING of any sort, no TROLLING for members for another group, no PERSONAL ATTACKS on ANYONE, no REHASHING regarding the affects of progress this group has NO control over whatsoever.

*I Grew Up in Norfolk is about reconnecting with long lost friends and bringing back great memories of growing up in Norfolk.*

*I Grew Up in Norfolk is a network of those who spent time "back in the day" looking to share memories of growing up in Norfolk.*

If you remember a place or an event, feel free to share it. You're welcome to create albums, or post photos individually. We *do* adhere to copyright laws here, so if you post photos from the internet that don't belong to you, please be sure to link to the source, and always give credit where credit is due.

The following link is to our sister group the I Grew Up In Virgina Beach Facebook Group, created by Paul West and managed by Jeanne Holland Newton.


**Any attacks or bashing of admins on IGUIN or IGUIVB will be cause for immediate removal***

There will no discussion on the group or privately regarding past members. Any member who ever calls for a boycott of this group on this group, or we have evidence of it being messaged to current members, or as posts on other groups, will be banned. Period.

It is a respect thing - We expect no more and will accept no less!

All content is public and subject to Facebook news feeds as well as internet search engines.

Bottom line, please act like a civilized adult, and have fun. Treat folks in here as you expect them to treat you.


Jimmy Carr
IGUIN Creator/Manager

June 5, 2013