I grew up in Elizabeth, NJ.

Anyone who grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey or who still calls it their hometown. Please see RULES FOR ADMISSION:
PLEASE EITHER EXPLAIN YOUR CONNECTION TO ELIZABETH, NJ IN YOUR FACEBOOK PUBLIC INFO OR MESSAGE THE ADMINS Amanda Heller, Rick Norton or Jay Flanagan and tell us your relationship to Elizabeth, NJ.
We were forced to do this because of hackers and will have to ignore your request without some connection to Elizabeth (sorry). Also,
- Posts / Comments directly related to your experiences growing-up or living in Elizabeth NJ
- Posts / Comments relating to the history of Elizabeth NJ
- Photographs of Elizabeth people, locations, buildings

- Private conversations or off-topic posts (including audio / video clips). You may private message or join other groups for this purpose
- Mean-spirited comments / posts, especially targeting someone's race, color, sex, national origin, religion, handicap, familial status, age or weight
- Pornographic, vulgar, crude comments / posts
- Political discussions
- Personal attacks against other members
- Commercial advertising
- Bashing Elizabeth or accentuating changes over time that some say degrades the quality of life as these comments are contrary to the purpose of the group.

* You will be warned once then removed from the group if activity persists