I hate Apple.

We hate iPods, iPads, iPhones, iMacs, iLife, iTunes and everything else Apple make. We also love technology - So we find apple's repeated pushing to be the market leader with their over priced, slave-produced, sub standard crap highly offensive.

Don't join this group if:
1 - You love apple
2 - You don't want to discuss technology
3 - You don't have an interest in technology
4 - You're a fanboy of any type. Rational debate is what we want. This is not limited to Apple fanboys, but all fanboys of all types.
5 - You can't tollerate people disagreeing with you

Rules, Clear and Simple:
1 - No Spam/Sales/advertising
2 - No Pro-Apple Posting
3 - No Annoying People on purpose, i.e. trolling
4 - English language posts only
5 - Please do not post multiple times about the same topics in a short space of time
6 - Please do not repeatedly ask other members for help. This is the internet, we are not your own personal technical support line. You need to try and find out on your own. This doesn't mean you never can, just don't expect a class in "How to use a computer 101"
7 - No repeated signatures, i.e "Posted from my HTC"
8 - No threats or overrought agression. For instance "I want to kill Tim Cook", "I want to kill you", "I'm going to kill/stab/torture/maime/cause harm to your person"
9 - Have a sense of humour, don't be a grumpasaurus.

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