Issaquah Highlands Photography Club (IHPC)

The Issaquah Highlands Photography Club (IHPC) is a dynamic group of photography enthusiasts that meets the third Saturday of every month at Blakely Hall in the Issaquah Highlands. There monthly themes and guest speakers on a range of topics, the opportunity to share and discuss our work with others, and an online community to the keep conversation going throughout the month. Meetings are open to everyone, even if you don’t live in the Issaquah Highlands. If you don’t feel like attending the meetings, you can still join the IHPC group on Flickr where you can share your photos, comments on others work, and get news about upcoming themes and speakers.

IHPC will also focus on creating opportunities for members to display their work—whether at in a photo salon at Highlands Day and Green Halloween, in Blakely Hall and local businesses, and in regional competitions. The Issaquah Highlands Connections Newspaper will also be posting photojournalistic assignments for interested members.

Whether you’re snapping shots in Instagram on your iPhone, traveling with a pocket sized “point-n-shoot”, or composing a complicated image in your dSLR, IHPC will have something for you. Digital or film (or scanned in), it’s fair game. Need a different perspective on your work? Submit your image for that month’s theme and you’ll have the benefit of a feedback from your peers to help you reach your best work.

Scott Moffat and Raza Naqvi are coordinating club’s activities—contact us at [email protected] Also check out our group pages on
• Issaquah Highlands Photography Club (IHPC) on Flickr—for sharing and discussing photos related to the month’s assignment (
• Issaquah Highlands Photography Club (IHPC) on Facebook—for general club discussion (questions, sharing deals, etc.) , sharing photos not related to the month’s assignment, and event notifications (
• ihpc • Issaquah Highlands Photography Club IHPC on Yahoo! Groups—for folks who’re not on Facebook, or prefer emails over Facebook posts (
• Issaquah Highlands Connections on Flickr—for managing assignments and gathering submissions for the Issaquah Highlands Connections magazine (Print and online versions) (