IITK Alumni Association


1) Abusive posts/comments will be deleted, and perpetrat...ors may be banned.

2) All discussions which are not directly related to IITK in any way must go to the 'Bulla thread'. Note that this would include political posts. If you put such content on new posts, expect those posts to be deleted.

3) No new members will be added to the group 2-weeks before the voting for AA elections.

Details of the group :

This is a group for alumni of IIT Kanpur to stay in touch with each other and with their alma mater. Members are free to discuss issues that interest their fellow alumni and/or highlight areas of concern for the betterment of their alma mater. It is open to those who have obtained a degree from IIT Kanpur. Members are encouraged to add other alumni to the group.

Members are encouraged to add posts that are of interest to other alumni. Any member found to not be a genuine alumni may be banned. Even for genuine alumni, posts that are irrelevant for the purpose of this group will be deleted and poster warned and/or banned at the discretion of the administrators.Use of abusive language will result in expulsion from the group.

Group Admins are responsible for adding new members, deleting unsuitable posts, and banning members who violate rules of the group. Their decision is final.