IIUI Hostels

For IIUI Students; to share information, ideas, events Hostel Pictures and all that happens within the boundary of IIUI and beyond; just come in join us and have Fun
The motto of this group is to Enlighten and Disseminate knowledge
and knowledge may consist any content, but it must give a positive message. a message which people can understand easily. And the thing which easily gets into the minds of people of all ages.
Treat people, the way you want to be treated
The wisest ones follow their own direction.

Here r some rules we all have to follow
1. Promotion of any group/page/community through comments and posting on wall is strictly prohibited. (This will result in permanent BAN)
2. If you disagree on any statement, please don't fight just open a new argument and let others answer on that topic
3. Abusive n obscene content will be deleted immediately
4. Any person with consecutive bad behavior would be deleted from group .
5. Post should not contain any promotion of illegal relations, like gf/bf/yar.
6. Posting of songs is not allowed
7. Sharing Islamic information will be appreciated. So, don't come with your ISLAMIC groups and divide people in to two, but share everything about ISLAM here
8. This group is not for making personal relationship with opposite gender
9. admin has the right to ban any member of this group on the basis of his own decision (Members cannot challenge the dismissal of the banned member)
10.Jokes are allowed in limited quantity, but be heedful, don't dare to post any joke based on any community or society
11. Don’t impose your beliefs on anyone by pushing others. If u have arguments, provide interpretation .Opinions should not be reiterated by anyone
12. Use less Messages and tagging to any Female member ........ Member will be banned after getting the complaint.
If you have any complaint, contact the admin

Hoping that you'll like the group,
It is a general warning to all the members That the use of bad language, personal attacks, misbehavior with other members & crude expressions shall not be tolerated AT ALL, & any member found involved in any such activity ll be banned immediately..