I ♥ ART Contest

Welcome to the "I ♥ ART Contest"

Please follow some RULES here:

⚫ ALL artists & art lovers are WELCOME to post artworks, to like & comment
⚫ Contest period MONTHLY
(winners announced in the photo album to each contest period)
⚫ Please only 1 artwork of each contestant (each more gets deleted without furter notice)
⚫ Upload your OWN ART - file with WELL TRIMMED EDGES directly from your computer
(Well trimmed edges - no frames, backgrounds, hands or other things that not belong to the artwork. Sculptures or other creations with tasteful photo)
⚫ any Links, Web Addresses, Tags, Shares etc are NOT ALLOWED!!!
(This group is not for advertising your page, selling artwork or other things, so no link please! - choose the groups on the end of rules)
⚫ Add informations to your artwork - title, medium, size, country
(your name in european letters please)
⚫ DIGITAL artwork is ALLOWED as long as yourself have painted/created and noticed in description (not just a photo overworked by photoshop)
⚫ NUDE art is ALLOWED - choose by good taste! NO PORN!!!
⚫ Do NOT SHARE any artwork out of this group nor in this group!!!
(make sure ur artwork is watermarket or signed as yours...just in case...)
⚫ SHARED artwork CAN'T be nominated in contest and gets deleted!!!
⚫ Do not annoy other artists in inbox to vote for your work
⚫ Don't beg all your friends to like your work. Likes dont matter much in this contest anyway. Winner by jury gets choosen by artpoints not likes
(Members who only like the same artist and not like others and help cheat with likes get removed from group)
⚫ Please write in ENGLISH here and use a translator
⚫ Be NICE & RESPECTFUL to each other

Entries that not follow the rules CAN'T BE NOMINATED in the contest! Members who post not art-related stuff or keep avoiding the rules will be banned from group...

Good Luck to all :) , GG XXX

If you like advertising your FANPAGE and need LIKES please join this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/likesharevotegroup/

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