I Love Colored Boston Terriers

'I Love Colored Boston Terriers' is a group accepting of all coat colors of Boston Terriers and their owners. You won't find Boston Terrier discrimination here!

*This is a no drama zone* No exceptions.

We appreciate the sharing of photos, videos, and links from all members. Please do not advertise puppies for sale, stud services, go fund me links, or sale of items that do not contribute to rescue organizations. This includes posting links to breeder websites unless for educational purposes regarding health/genetics. Please do not ask for breeder references nor post comments asking anyone where they got their puppy for reason of seeking a breeder/puppy to purchase. Doing so will result in deletion of post and possible removal from the group without warning depending on severity of rule broken.

If anyone is seeking a Boston Terrier to adopt please contact a local rescue or shelter or check www.petfinder.com . If anyone is seeking a puppy for sale please check with the All Color Boston Terrier Club as they have a pre-screened breeder referral list of reputable, health testing breeder members posted on their website.

No owner, breeder, or rescue will receive preferential treatment over anyone. All are equal here and rules above apply to everyone. The admins of the page will be sure these rules are enforced fairly.

Have fun!