"I Love My Short Hair!"

This group is for all women who love their short hair, whether its a bob, short-cut, faded, or simply bald. It takes a lot of courage for women to cut their hair. Because men and most society love and desire long-hair. Well its time we all stand up and be proud of our short hair whether its coming out or you have chose to cut it! Believe me it is nothing worng with long-hair, we all have to start somewhere. My hair was long once upon a time and down my back, and I chose to cut it. Now a days many woman have been defeated by their looks, which deminishes their self-esteem. In some instances it has resulted in many cases of suicide. So therefore we have to truly celebrate beauty no matter how we are perceived by others, and be happy about us first, as Jesus, Christ, whomever you may believe in created you to please you, and no one else.
I just recently lost my Mom from brain cancer. It started with breast cancer, so as African-American women we must check ourselves regularly and get mammograms, no matter the size of our breast! Cancer is one of the deadliest killers amongst African-American women, and breast-cancer kills almost thousands of woman a year (not researched just quoted). The reason I started this group,was in true memory of my Mom, who loved her hair but due to her illness she lost it. It took alot of long days of myself, her friends, and family to love, encourage, and appreciate my Mom for who she really was inside without her hair. I can remember many nights in her last days my sister and I even my Dad greasing my Mom's scalp. Even though her hair never grew back my Mom was not her hair, but beauty in herself! So as women appreciate who you are inside and out, no matter your size, weight, height, etc..
Members so please feel free to post pictures of you sporting that good short look so that others may be inspired as well! Also invite friends whether short hair long hair we all appreciate a little encouragement every now and then! R.I.P Mom-Mrs. Barbara Jean Massey 1947-2008

Raheem DeVaughn"Woman"