I Love Personal Development


1. Post things that add value and enhance the lives of others only

2. Do not pitch for "likes" of your Facebook page - you will be removed.

3. Do not post about your latest money making scheme, this is a personal development group - you will be removed.

4. If you find something in here that doesn't fit your values or you find something offensive to you, report it, it will be removed and the culprit will be banned permanently.

5. Work together, this group is here for you, have your say about what you want and what you don't want in here, this is a global community of over 13,000 PD gurus, at this size, let's work together to create the community that you would like to see represented here.

6. Be Active - stand up, stand out, add value, make a difference and contribute.

And Together, Let's change the world, one person and one business at a time.

Most important, is to keep a good positive spirit and open mind and have a damn good time!

To Your Success!

Much Love, Mel Houghton xoxo