I Love Pitbulls

This group is for people who Love Pitbulls.
Feel free to Post your Pics and Stories.

Step 1) Post your pit bull photo in the wall.

Step2) Write a brief discription of his story.

Step 3) Share your love for pitbulls by inviting 10 of your facebook friends in this group.

Step 4) Sign up and discover new products for your dog: http://bit.ly/PitbullOffer (It’s Free!!!!)

As a Member You Get:

✓ Pitbull Health Tips
Make sure you do everything to keep your Pitbull Healthy. We’ll send you the occasional health tip to make sure your baby stays in tip top shape.

✓ Pitbull Offers
It’s always nice to save money on the stuff you buy anyway. We have deals that you won’t find anywhere else. All just because we love you!

✓ Group Chats/Meetups
We’ll keep you informed about Pitbull Owner Meetups and Online Chats that are coming up. These are a great place to show your babies off and talk about how to keep them healthy and happy…. and make some cool friends. This is the best “Pitbull Club” Online.