Image Kolkata

"News on your fingertips" is what the world is talking about...and there we come in as the "Breaking news in the Art of making news"

Presenting "Image Kolkata”, the latest entrant into the web news scenario of Kolkata and Bengal, bringing in a unique Web News Portal, the newest Digital innovation that gets the latest buzz in and around Kolkata right to your fingertips on real time.

Aptly designed for people on the go in a compact easy to use Web page format and a smart user interface with dedicated sections of your interest, it's a whole new way of keeping abuzz in and around the City of Joy as well as Bengal with a crisp and accurate use of its root language, Bengali.

Image Kolkata not only portrays the current and ever dynamic face of Kolkata in its truest finesse, but also touches upon the social, political, economic and cultural lives of the city and the state on real time and delivers them to your Desktop,Laptop, Tablet and even on your Smartphone in flicks of seconds, while you're moving within the city, travelling out at work, or staying far from your land in another corner of the globe.

Come and stay connected with the latest happenings on the city's Digital news scape, exclusively at