Immaculate 2012

Immaculate vibrant technical Symposium initiated in 2011, with an aim of providing opportunities to the student community to exercise its academic acumen and ingenuity and become a hub for ground-breaking ideas and solutions.

"Imagination is the beginning of creation. " - George Bernard Shaw

Scheduled to be held from Immaculate'13 will have competitions modeled to test the technical acumen, programming skills, flair for business management, quizzing expertise and mechanical intellect of the participants. With the dream of spreading its wings and expanding its reach beyond previously unseen levels, a host of new events and initiatives are being introduced this year. True to the great meaning behind its magnificent name, the Tech Fest will ensure a convergence of ideas from all around the country on a platform that shall serve as the pedestal that thrusts a Technovating Nation towards the glory road.

Immaculate'13 is a national level symposium that commences almost few months before the actual dates, in the form of online contests and various other social initiatives.

Come , you shall head off to the enigmatic land of Rajkot that will be ready to play host to several thousand visitors, including illustrious achievers and visionaries. Chaos, one of the grandest gaming arenas of India sees a congregation of plenty of champion gamers. The perfect challenge for the mechanical engineer comes in the form of Robosapiens - undoubtedly a peek into the future of machines. Quizzing doesn't get any more attractive or lucrative than Quizzotica, where the most revered quizmasters rule the territory. All this, and much more....