Internet Marketing For Newbies

Welcome to Internet Marketing!

If you're new to IM we're here to help! If you SPAM the group, you'll be banned.


Rule #1: This is a safe place to engage with one another and ask questions without fear of getting pitched. If you need help you only have to ask! If you can offer help, please feel free to answer (no affiliate links though). The goal is to have a conversation with each other that helps everyone improve.

The Other Rule #1: We appreciate your enthusiasm for your product/service/out-of-this-world-limited-time offer... but if your first post to this group is any way promotional and self-serving... it'll be removed and you will be banned.

We keep this group small and vibrant, with people who wish to both teach and learn from one another! If you want a quick buck... you'll have to find it somewhere else. ;)

Any group member can post on the wall. Any post asking for help or passing on some useful information is encouraged. We all want to build our business, but refrain from posting ANY affiliate links.

The group admins reserve the right to remove any post that they consider spam and will ban you. If you are curious if a post will be considered as SPAM... it probably will. :)

The better the posts... the better the group!