Imo-state citizens in diaspora is an organization which aims to bring together Imo-state citizens ,their diverse organizations, specific knowledge networks world- wide towards a more globally participatory support to its members to their political ambition as well as assisting support in the state socio-economic development,
investments; knowledge transfer and sharing; participation in state elections and the state social welfare programmes; continuous dialogue and participation ,lobbying and recommendation in favor to all our members to achieve their wishes.
We are primarily a global facilitator and coordinator that supports rather than replaces various Diaspora related agendas
We are thus a supportive umbrella organization that is willing to enhance efforts aimed at building the state , encourages and help individuals and groups or institutions to work independently with each driving their Agenda or related developmental agenda to the state.

We also seeks to establish links with – and between – highly skilled expatriates. This allows for the exchange of information and knowledge between such expatriates, as well as between them and our state-Imo. In turn, the state also has access to the knowledge systems that expatriates belong to in their host countries. This we do through our effective network transfer and exchange of information among our members
To support the Imo- state citizens in diaspora to utilize and engage their potential for politics, social, economic, and personal development through linkages, networking and information sharing.
An actively engaged Imo-state citizens in Diaspora linked to opportunities for self and national development and contributing to prosperity for all.
MEMBERSHIP: The organization’s membership is both individual and corporate. Its goals are to support and promote the welfare of Imo- state citizens in diaspora in collaboration with the state authorities and partners as well as to enhance the Imo- state migrants’ capacity to meaningfully give back to their country.