Quantum Tunnel

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Also, I must remind everyone, in light of recent events which shall remain undiscussed, that this club fosters a tradition of kindness. Be nice. Here are some specific rules.
1) No insults against other members.
2) No prejudiced remarks on the basis of religion, race, creed, sexual orientation, or gender of any member.
3) If someone breaks the rules, or does anything else hurtful, talk to them. Do not put them on block if they apologize. Block should be used as a method of prevention only, not punishment. Remember it is human nature to mess up now and then.
4) Those who violate these rules will have to defend their behavior to club admins and may or may not be kicked out.

I am sorry we have to set rules. I always said people are generally nice and not setting any rules at all actually avoids problems. I can see I was wrong, so we have to do this.