DJ Group HD Movie Releases

This Group is mostly(but not all) about Hollywood Dubbed Movies & You can find their Torrent(mostly) OR Direct Download links here.

We Mostly Upload these Movies in High Quality such as BRRips,HDTVRips,HDDVDRips.

As High Quality is Not always Possible, in that case you'll get DVDRips which are considered to be of Medium Quality.

We Mostly Upload in Dual-Audio i.e. English + Hindi, but sometimes we Upload only in Hindi(Our own Reasons for doing so).


1) Request For Movies Only & Nothing Else Will be Tolerated in the Group.

2) Please Do Not Request For Any New Releases as it takes time for the New Releases to be available in Good Quality.

3) Do Not Request For Games & also Do Not Post Game's Links(as This is not a Gaming Group)

4) Do Not Request for Music OR Post Music Links(as this is Not a Music Group)

5) Do Not post links of your own pages here for like.

6) No Posting of Software/Application Links For PC/Mobile.

7) Do Not Request Porn/Adult Movies Here.

8) Never post Your Net Speed in the GROUP.

9) No Spams/Scams like Free T-Shirts/Sims/Mobiles etc. i.e. No Funny Business.

10) No Swearing/Profanity OR Abusing in Comments/Posts & Especially No Threatening To Other Members/Admins.

11) No Comments/Posts Related to Religious/Racial/Social/Cultural Topics. (Plz. Avoid as these are Sensitive Issues)

12) No Useless Debating(If You have something on your mind which you'd like to debate about, then first take the permission of an Admin)

13) Whenever The Admins Feel Like That Your Post/Comments are Stupid OR are Creating an Environment For Further Violating/Flaming Comments, That Post/Comment will be Removed ASAP(Even if those Comments/Posts belongs to Admins).

If You have any Queries OR Suggestions that you'd like to make Regarding the Group Rules then Contact the Admins. We'd be more than happy to answer your queries & Listen/Consider your Suggestions.

We'll Try To Serve you the best(but no guarantees, as we have our personal lives as well)

You May also Request For Bollywood & Other Movies Here (If it wasn't made clear in the First Rule)

NOTE:- NO V.I.P. Memberships To Anyone...................All Group Members will be Considered Equally Important.

Consequences For Breaking Rules(These Doesn't Apply For Admins):-

1) Post/Comment will be Deleted & The Member Responsible will be Warned.

2) After 1 Fair Warning if the same member breaks the same rule for which he was warned earlier then that the Member will be Either Temporarily Banned(From 1 week to 1 Month) OR Permanently Banned [Depending on Member's Behaviour & Level/Degree of Mistake].