DOC:10 NOV 2009

Welcme 2 Darbhanga, city in northeastern India, in Bihār State, on the Little Bāghmati River. Darbhanga is a trade center for the surrounding agricultural district, where rice, sugarcane, and are produced.

Darbhanga town attained the status of a city (population 1 lakh and above) in 1961. Darbhanga is the seat of the Maharaja of Darbhanga. Laheriasarai that is the seat of district and divisional administration is a part of the Darbhanga town. The Raj area is a well developed and beautifully laid-out complex of palaces, temples, offices, parks, gardens and ponds. There are a number of palaces built by the successive Maharajas, important among them being Nargauna Palace, Anandbagh Bhawan and Bela Palace. A number of buildings are in the use of Sanskrit University and L.N.Mithila University. The old Raj Library has been taken over by the Mithila University. The Maharajas of Darbhanga have traditionally been very great patrons of art and literature and through their magnificence have always provided encouragement to the scholars of Maithili and Sanskrit. Mahesh Thakur who founded the Raj was a renowned scholar of Sanskrit. Emperor Akbar who was very much impressed by Raghunandan Jha, a scholar and disciple of Mahesh Thakur, conferred the estate upon him.
Pag Pag Pokhair Pan Makhan,
Saras Bol Muski Muskan
Bidya Baibhav Santi Pratik
Lalit Nagar Darbhanga Thik