Incredible Hearts

Incredible Hearts is an online directory for organizations and i...ndividuals making differences -- big and small -- in their communities. The directory will launch in 30 days. However, this group is a way for you guys to share random acts of kindness, incredible moments of honesty, persistence, fortitude and courage, and to highlight those you know who are making a difference. Also, toot your own horn!! If you have done something that has changed someone else's life or is considered an act of kindness, tell us about it here.

3 N 1 Tree Fundraising is the host and creator of Incredible Hearts. For more info on how you can raise funds for your community or cause, please email us @ Also, visit to see our versatile programs for fundraising. Fundraising requests and advertisements are not allowed in the group, but feel free to contact us through the email given, and we will try our best to help.