Independent Music Scene

Do you want to know whats hot on the streets from unsigned artists that make music for you?

We specialise in music that comes straight from the streets. You can listen to talented unsigned artist's without even leaving this group, just by clicking on the play button in each post. Most of the artist's on here also allow you to download their music for free and are connected to various different music promotion websites, such as;

And many more!!!

All you need to do is scroll down and check out all the music and videos we have and comment on the ones you enjoy the most. Everytime you comment on an artist's music post, their music will automatically be pushed to the top of the group and helps us know who you are enjoying.

If you're an artist that wants to get heard, then you should also definately join this group as many of the other artist's in here love to collaborate and we also feature sound engineers and producers that are willing to help you out on your path to true exposure.

We also have a busy group chat room, where you will be able to conversate with most of the members in this group and make new friends.

So please take the time to join up because I promise that you WILL enjoy it!!!

Hope to hear from you soon.

- Andre (Junior Dre) Hutson [Group founder and admin]