Indian Animal Forum

Welcome to IAF; a citizens movement to help stop cruelty towards... animals.

PLEASE READ HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR RULES BELOW; the detailed rule-book can be accessed in the FILES section. It is important that you understand the rule book before you could start participating.

*This is an "awareness" group for animal sympathisers who help animals in despair. As Administrators, we will bring in as much awareness as possible about issues affecting animals and nature in general. You can expect and are encouraged to share posts such as articles, news items and laws pertaining to India.

*Fostering and adoption problems are a major cause of concern in many localities. This group will help connect like minded people in different places to help each other, but we will not be held "accountable" if people for whatsoever reason don't/can't come forward to help foster / adopt / feed the strays. Most of the members in this group are already actively fostering, adopting and feeding strays; so please do not depend only on this group to help solve a fostering/adoption case.

*It will be our continued effort to create awareness about specific problems faced by any particular shelter and about how you can help. However, contributions in cash/kind will go directly from you to the shelter without involving anyone of us. Please be advised to conduct your individual verifications / due diligence before making donations so that you are sure that the money will be put to good use. Please do not post any cash donation needs of shelters here.

*Please add your friends who actually work in the field and are knowledgeable, or people who want to learn and get involved. NO armchair activism please.

*Despite our personal views on ABC programs, we need to follow the law of the land. Kindly do not get into arguments regarding the ethics of sterilisation/non-sterilization You are most welcome to inbox each other on your views.

*Medical advice is only 'advice' by members stating their own opinions and experiences. Before Using the medications please consult your local Vet . The forum will not be responsible for the consequences of incorrect medication.

*If you have an incident like a cruelty case, kindly accompany the people going to investigate or at least stay in touch them online or over the phone until the case is resolved.

*If you are reporting an animal that is unwell or has had an accident, please give exact location with landmarks, description of the animal, ideally a photograph, and your phone number and be available till help reaches the animal.

*We all like looking at cute pictures of animals but please remember that it pushes the important posts down. Would request you all to restrict these types of posts.

Please read the deatiled rules in Files Section.

Best Wishes,
Admin Team - IAF