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=======A word of caution before you start any activity on this group!!!======

A sincere suggestion as precautionary measure to all the members.

Anyone interested to enter into any contracts and / or transactions, must verify the acquaintances of the person / company before doing so.

This group is a facilitator / platform for the meeting of aspirants and its responsibility ceases here only. Neither the group nor its Admins would be responsible for any consequences, whatsoever may be, between the agreement of two or more individuals / companies.

===========Group Description=========

Business Today (A Business Group) was set up to enable trade between businesses of the other countries and India. As credit markets tighten, US businesses along with other world need to find a better way to manage costs and find new markets for their products and services.

"We serve for every industry and every product category. We market your products and bring only genuine business inquiries which will convert in a Business Deal."

Our mission is to foster partnerships between small businesses of the largest democracies. We will create and manage a marketplace where subscribers can connect with potential partners, quickly and easily, and trade without being inhibited by travel, sales costs, culture, currency fluctuations and scams. We will help our members grow their business!

Our Vision is to be the marketplace of choice for whole World and Indian businesses.

Our Main Service: Branding

Branding: In India the small business houses don’t think much about the branding. But a better branding as per the requirements and target markets can lead you to the better business opportunities. First of all we analyze the main need of your branding and how effective it can be in a very reasonable price. Then we suggest you for the same or do the same. We can do your branding in the market or region of your choice or targeted by you along with our suggested market.