India Heritage Hub

India Heritage Hub has been envisaged as a virtual interactive space for all within the cultural heritage domain. The primary objective of the Heritage Hub is to create a repository of our collective cultural heritage by documenting heritage assets as well as traditional knowledge and skills.

The aim of INDIA HERITAGE HUB is to take the discussion on HERITAGE, PRESERVATION and DEVELOPMENT across to a larger audience and provide an opportunity for all to contribute, explore and co-create. Anything and everything related to culture is welcome on the Hub . . . any THOUGHT, any IDEA or just a SUGGESTION will be immensely appreciated.

As a responsible individual you can raise awareness by sharing information on the Hub about hitherto unknown Cultural Heritage Assets thereby helping preserve the asset digitally and if need be create a pressure group to ensure that the endangered asset is adequately safeguarded by the concerned authorities.

Please FEEL FREE TO WRITE AND SHARE . . . send your contributions at because with your active participation only we can create a truly comprehensive and encompassing pool of knowledge on cultural heritage and help safeguard Cultural Heritage Assets in today's rapidly changing environment. What we together create today might become an invaluable asset for posterity.

Leave your thoughts, suggestions or queries in the form provided on the Views page on India Heritage Hub Website ( If you liked the information on our website do let us know.

It is our endeavor to constantly improve and expand India Heritage Hub with your support. Your suggestions and encouragement will help us grow and improve. And yes do SPREAD THE WORD about this initiative and share the link with your friends, family and acquaintances. We greatly value each individual’s support. We believe that through collective effort we can create a corpus of information on cultural heritage that can be shared easily for the enrichment of all.

Join hands with us to make India Heritage Hub a people’s initiative . . . for the people, by the people and of the people!

P.S. Kindly refrain from posting any non heritage related posts. The same would be deleted.