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Unique Case Discussions in company of more than seven thousand five hundred Orthopaedic Surgeons from around the world. Based on principle of ‘Academic Philanthropy’ where Surgeons from all across the world share their experiences and expertise for improving the ‘Knowledge pool and add to improvement of patient management. Effective Knowledge based discussions with presentation of x rays, clinical pictures and videos which can be posted by any member of the Group. Regular Literature back up and articles are provided by the moderators and Research group on related topics. Healthy academic environment for case discussions with wide variety of cases ranging from simple cases to most complicated cases discussed. Great Learning experience for Orthopaedic Trainees and Post Graduate students with around 20 to 25 cases presented and discussed every day. In addition the forum has regular announcements of Orthopaedic fellowships, conferences and important useful notifications useful to all orthopods. Features like ‘Article of the day’ with free access to full text articles, Case of the day, Orthopaedic Case Bank, Collaborative Authorship program and Manuscript Assistance make this forum special and buzzing with activities. This forum is supported by Indian Orthopaedic Research Group and International Orthopaedic Research Group and also by Journal like Journal of Orthopaedic Case Reports, Journal of Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation, Arthropaedia and Journal of Medical Thesis. Join the largest Exclusive Group of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the Unique Online Continuing Medical Education (CME) forum. Present your work to this huge audience and get comments and fresh viewpoints and insights. EXCLUSIVELY FOR ORTHOPAEDIC SURGEONS ONLY [other faculties please do not apply to join]. For more information please write to us at [email protected]