Indian Birds

Birds of Indian Sub-continent
This Facebook Group encourages scientific observation & documentation of birds of Indian Subcontinent in natural wild habitat. The group strives to provide a platform for exchanging information, sharing pictures, conducting Birdwalks/other events and experiencing the joys of rich birdlife of our region.

New Ornis Foundation is a Non-profit Trust [Registration No. 314/2004]. Aims & Objectives of New Ornis Foundation:
- To publish a newsletter that will provide a platform to birdwatchers for publishing notes and observations primarily on birds of South Asia.
- To promote awareness of bird watching amongst the general public.
- To establish and maintain links with other associations or organized bodies in India or abroad whose objects are in keeping with the objectives of the Trust (i.e. to support amateur birdwatchers with cash / kind for projects in ornithology).

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