Welcome to the Indian Football Live group dedicated to all and o...nly for the Indian football fans. Here, you can meet lots of football players, pundits, football officials, world reputed journalists, and many more passionate fans with whom you can share your valuable information, rare thoughts and dreams on Indian football. And, its not just limited to Bengal or Goa but to each and every single corner of India where we can find the specimens of football. Here, you can share all the updates, articles, news, pictures and multimedia clips. Let us all be united and cheer for our football together. Bleed Blue Tigers!!

Group Rules:


1) This well-respected group represents Indian football to the World, hence the admins here should be persons of integrity. Their behaviors will be adhered as models, so they are requested to behave properly not only in this group, but in other groups as well. Strict actions will be taken against an admin when he/she is found to have deflected from this, irrespective of whoever he/she is.


1) Talk only about Indian football- Indian national team and club football and state football. So, that means talking about European football is not appreciated, unless that have any relations with our football.

2) Keep the regional ideas to yourselves.We here wanna keep all states and cities at same level and we would love to see same in every members. REMEMBER, INDIA FIRST.

3) Any negative comments on any individual or any set of people or any club would not be appreciated.

4) You can celebrate you victory, but in the process do not violate the friendly atmosphere of the group. Rivalries are welcome, but a respect of other clubs is must, be it a club any relegation zone or a budding club. TREAT ALL OTHER CLUB NAMES, FANS, OFFICIALS with respect.

5) All the posts that are not in English, will be instantly deleted. If a member keeps on posting in a different language, he will be first warned, and if not yield, then banned.

REMEMBER, the first and foremost priority is to maintain the friendly atmosphere and mutual respect of all soccer fans of the group.

Steps followed on breaching the Group Rules:

1) First warning
2) Final Warning
3) Apologize to fellow group members (or) face AXE!

Enjoy talking Indian Football!!!