Indianicious - a mix of old & newly moved Indians to San Francisco

The idea behind this group is to try and connect Indian families - could be a week, month, year or a decade (maybe more) old in San Francisco & are looking to socialize, hang out and make some new friends. This page is solely for posting Q & A related to One's Neighborhood/Community, the General Life in SF & Surrounds, Shopping Guidance, New Mom's Worries/Curiosities, Mom-To-Be Anxieties, Home Cooked Food/Recipes and all those things that they need to know about settling in or living life King/Queen Size. We will try & organize monthly Meetups which could be at someone's house, at a park, cafe, restaurant or just about anywhere. Around major Indian Festivals we shall try and organize events so we stay close to our culture and celebrate every occasion full swing.
All of us need some form of social networking to relax, refresh & recharge so why not get started right here!!!

Time for everyone to get INDIANICIOUS!!!
Positive/Inspirational Quotes are Welcome - Please feel free to post them here!

P.S. MONDAYS ONLY - Soft/Light Advertisements and Marketing Posts related to you businesses shall be allowed on this page.