Indian Kids Tiffin Recipes

Planning a perfect tiffin recipe for kids is always a tough task for most moms. Here, in this group, I invite you all to share your kids' favorite tiffin recipes.

Guidelines for members:

1. All recipes should be original and written in your own words.
2. All recipes should have a name. It's always good to add pictures to a recipe; however, it's not mandatory.
3. No pictures will be accepted without the recipe.
4. No sarcastic or abusive language will be accepted in this forum. Everyone has their own ways of creating a dish and we should appreciate that.
5. No posts promoting other groups are allowed in this group. All such posts, if any, will be deleted and respective members will be removed from the group.
6. Share your contact details with other members of the group at your own risk. The Admin will in no way be responsible for any issues related to misuse of contact details.