Indian Shopping Guide

Put simply, what isn't there to shop? From humble household appliance to contemporary fashions, tacky crop tops to the latest kitchen gadget, there is very little you can't find here. Call us biased, but in our opinion INDIAN SHOPPING GUIDE is among the best online platform bag a bargain/to know the events happening!
In this group you’ll find out all you need to know about all the things your baht can buy, from the most humble household item and the finest length of silk to the most extravagant status symbols.
It’s at the same time easy to shop in our group, where you are quite sure to find the brand you are looking for we have come with authentic list of online sellers which is otherwise , difficult because there are so many products for so little time.

That’s why we have selected in this Indian shopping guide only the products that we think are unique and most representative of the ISG savoir-faire ! Not all.. Just the best ones!
Indian Shopping guide: only products and dealers that we think are authentic and most trustworthy of the ISG savoir-faire !

- Chaitali Dineshsagar Bumpits(hairstyling product) known for her excellent customer service and product is sure to make you the show stopper of the event

- Vyshnavi reddy’s Choclate for her most yummlicious and creative chocoltaes

- farah Khan cutting-edge and quirky products where the The arena where the battle is rude!! She has an extra edge with excellent customer service
- Pradeepa Arwin’S Dwaaraah known for her elegant sarees, bringing sarees en vogue…

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