Indian WWE Community

The Group is meant for WWE and Pro-Wrestling fans !!!

It's a worldwide spread Community of Wrestling-Maniacs.

You can discuss and share your thoughts on any major wrestling company like WWE, TNA, UFC, ROH, etc...

Here are the BASIC rules of the Group which YOU SHOULD follow:

#1. Do not abuse anybody.
#2. Respect other members' opinions.
#3. Keep the posts and conversations PG rated.
#4. NEVER post nude pics.
#5. Remain Kayfabe for most of the time.
#6. No advertisements of any page which is not related to Wrestling.
#7. NEVER EVER post any spoiler/results prior to the telecast of any PPV in India. Otherwise the post will be deleted and/or he/she will be banned from group.
#8. Prior to SPECIAL EVENTS (PPV) the group gets a LOCKDOWN (since you will never digest the 7th rule) to restrict you from spoiling our members' show. Only posts by Admins and the posts approved by them can be viewed during this period.
#9 Don't post spoilers of any show.

(Breaking of any of the rules mentioned above will result in immediate action against the culprit.)

Here is 'Group's Admin List' you can catch anytime:

#1. Aj johnson
#2. Abhishek Srivastava (#Best_in_the_World)
#3. Shankar hbk Rao
#4. Sonu Tariyal (Evil_Admin)
#5. Gaurav Singh
#6. Arien Lorcan (heel)
#7. Arvind Kumar
#8. Pep C

*** COO- The Hunter of the group- Rohit Radhakrishnan ***.

And do help in making our Group bigger, better and widely connected by adding WRESTLING Fans to the group.

Our 'Official Page Link':

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Admins and Editors of the Page:

#1. Aaditya Iyer
#2. Rohit Radhakrishnan
#3. Arvind Kumar
#4. Sameer Shrivastava
#5. Shweta Chauhan
#6. Rijul Mahajan
#7. Saurav Bizzle Ranjit
#8. Leo Grewal
#9. Vighnesh Venkatraman
#10. Arjun Saini
#11 Hussain Rangadi
#12. Aj Johnson
#13. Pep C

We are determined to unite and connect all the Wrestling fans from all over the World in a unified Group- Indian WWE Community!

IWC Team