Hope India had started this campaign against CORRUPTION since 2006 by organizing a unique Dussera of not just burning a 40ft tall effigy of Raavan as symbol of EGO, CORRUPTION & TERRORISM, but also, conducting a mass pledge of all attendees to fight against these evils namely Ego, Corruption and Terrorism! In this event, even govt officials and police personnel are invited especially to take oath publicly, of neither accepting nor giving bribe to anybody. The idea has been reinforced every year on Dussera with the same unique concept.

Now, with initiatives taken by Shri Anna Hazare, Baba Ramdev, Dr. Subramanium Swami, Retd General V.K. Singh, and many NGOs & Whistleblowers, against corruption black-money and corrupt system, HOPE INDIA is encouraged to organize this event at national level with support of all Indians in various parts of the country to take oath against bribe and to unearth black money! This will be INDIA's PLEDGE AGAINST CORRUPTION...

This year, the event should be organized in atleast 2012 places across India by people at all levels who will be authorized, guided and supported by Hope India. People with organizational capabilities, resourcefulness and selfless service spirit are invited for appointment as Coordinator for this Grand National Event.

Icons and Dignitaries fighting against corruption will be attending and leading this event at all selected places in India.

Every Indian is invited... If think and believe, you can achieve it. So, we need to first change thoughts of people to fight against evils like corruption. Once they are committed for the fight, they will win the battle easily against the evil. So, let us create this thought in everyone's mind against corruption.

In this series...last year, a mass pledge was organized on Dussera day (6th Oct 2011) at New Panvel, Navi Mumbai with burning of a 50-ft tall effigy of RAVAN, the symbol of Ego, Corruption and Terrorism. The event was well attended by a gathering of strong 10000+ people as well as thousand of FB friends attended ONLINE by joing the group.

Soon, we will announce our next event of such Pledge. Those interested to organize this event in their citi on aparticular occasion, may please contact us by sending mail to: [email protected]

Till then all friends are requested to add at least 100 new members for this Pledge out of their friends' list and lets make a day for ONLINE MASS-PLEDGE against these evils.

Friends, remember, any action starts with the thought and the thought of swearing against any evil can definitely strengthen the will-power to fight any menace. So lets make a powerful determination to remove evils such as corruption, terrorism and like-wise poverty, hunger, unemployment etc. from India.