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A Path To Personal Growth & Global Peace Through Culture Exchange

As articulated in our Mission Statement, Lively World Tourism chose cultural exchange to work toward its goals. Cultural exchange, as a special and potent manifestation of international education, offers opportunities for personal growth and the enhancement of leadership skills, and transforms society through the transformation of the individual.
Cultural exchange is more than travel in the conventional sense. It involves first hand experiencing, cultural exploration and immersion, which broaden perspectives and prepare individuals for leadership roles. Its importance cannot be easily quantified - most participants simply realize that life changing experiences occur with overseas involvement. People are never the same after returning from a meaningful experience in another culture.
But just what occurs during these exchanges that are so transformative to oneself?
• It develops understanding and tolerance;
• One learns experientially - by doing;
• One learns about language competency and communication;
• One realizes that the world extends beyond one's state and country;
• It makes life-long friends and important contacts;
• It starts a small fire inside for travel and exploration of other cultures;
• One sees openings for academic pursuit which didn't exist before;
• Appreciate one's own state/country more, yet see the flaws that require leadership and direction to repair and correct;
• One realizes that we are an exciting person who can relate to others and learn from others;
• One becomes less egocentric and more analytical and introspective;
• One looks forward to re-experiencing the wonderful feeling of all the above;
• Have passports for life - real and figurative: passports to adventure and learning
Our Economy (Indian economy) and world at the beginning of the 21st century seems to be fractured and in turmoil along cultural fault lines. Before politics, business, and even religion, people define themselves by their culture; and it is an innate feature of human nature to be wary (and oftentimes distrustful) of anything outside our frame of reference. Such feelings can easily cause finger pointing when things go wrong. They can also be intentionally inflamed and used as a tool for fanaticizing people to serve some individuals’ personal ambition for power and wealth – which is often the underlying reason of ethnic tension. Only by educating people in diversity can we remove the poison fang of such attempts and situations.
We at Lively World Tourism believe that the best way to end the violence and despair that trauma, displacement and poverty brings is to add meaningful cultural exchange programs to humanitarian, relief, and reconciliation efforts. Our goal is to counteract such tendencies through adapting our complex cultural programming, and applying it extensively in all conflict areas of the India in particular and world in general –as a means to prevent future conflicts. Our initiatives foster sensitivity to cultural values, differences and similarities; encourage non-violent conflict resolution, creative problem solving, cooperation, and volunteerism; and equip people with practical tools, skills and knowledge for creating a sustained culture of peace in their own communities.
While a number of valuable conferences and seminars exist that share the same goals – reconciliation and peace building – most, if not all, are academic or policy-oriented, and rely basically on two formats: lectures and discussions. Lively World Tourism has developed programs that rely primarily on the universal language, common to all, but owned by no one i.e. adventure and culture.
Adventure can play a critical role in leading groups of people towards greater understanding and healing. A wealth of studies and decades of experience have shown that the use of adventure in educational tourism is one of the most effective methods for tapping a person’s natural curiosity, fostering self-expression and self-control, and promoting pro-social behaviors and interpersonal relationships. Adventure provides a sustainable means to social progress by providing a safe environment for physical and emotional expression. Adventures allow individuals to express both their uniqueness and their connection to all that is universal in humanity. They can serve as an outlet for post-traumatic stress, and a release from the recurring images of traumatic experience. They also allow for a wide spectrum of possibilities for communication, mediate across cultural boundaries and allow for the development of empathic awareness of multiple perspectives. Interactive workshops with both children and adults develop self-confidence, communication skills, teamwork, and creative problem-solving and provide the tools for positive conflict resolution.
Artistic programs provide them with opportunities for community involvement, group cooperation and motivation, and the means to rebuild their society; they stimulate positive thinking and open minds to envision their full potential - and prepare them to tackle the challenge of rebuilding their culture and their society – the centerpiece of global development.

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