Indie Game Developers ~Sunshine~

Welcome to Indie Game Developers ~Sunshine~

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The purpose of this group is to create a game dev. community that is non-aggressive and helps indie developers.

Feel free to post here and share your wonderful game dev. work as long as your post(s) follow the rules.

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- Stay on topic (game development)

- Please use English in this group

- You can only create one game thread/post of the same game per day, any other threads/posts relating to that game should be a comment on your previous thread/post.

- Do not just leave a link, please make sure to add some description to your post in the thread description. You will receive 1 warning before your post is deleted, after this warning future posts of the same nature will no longer be accepted.

- The same rules also apply to blank posts, please make sure to add some sort of description to the thread description or you will receive a warning. (Sharing a thread that has a description on the bottom does not count, there must be text in the top part of the thread description.)

- Raves/Rants that have no general purpose are not allowed (this includes introductions that only say "thanks for the add" and any other posts that do not have content that positively contributes to the community).

- Meme's/Comical posts are allowed as long as there is a purpose behind the post (general discussion, game ideas, etc.)

- Promotion is allowed as long as the game is not older then 1 year

- Mobile game promotion is allowed as long as the game is not older then 6 months and is of decent quality (No clones, rip offs, riddled with game ads projects, anything relating to this will not be approved).

- Any type of "Roll the ball" game, pc or mobile, will earn you an instant ban. Please put some more effort into your projects, we have enough "Roll the ball" games and "Move the cube" games (millions) that we do not need more. Work on your games more.

- When sharing game development assets that are for sale use the tag [Assets for Sale] at the top of your post.

- If you are an artist looking for work make sure to use the tags [For Hire] and if you are looking for artists/team members use the tag [Looking for].

- Be nice to each other and don't cause any trouble (this means aggressive or inappropriate posts, comments, etc. are not allowed) No this group is not a dictatorship but we do hold value in having a caring community.

We look forward to seeing your posts!!