Indigos Coming Together - Make New Indigo Buddies

As you find and join this page you are aware that the term Indig...o resonates with you and knew it all along, and found out that others share the same characteristics. Be it as it may, it is you, within you, your essence, and you are not alone.

The nature of the intention of this page is to gather all of the Indigos under a single roof, to convene, share ideas, ask for help, contribute as much you can to support others and be supported back in return, either physically, emotionally, psychologically, socially, intellectually, so that we would be what we are meant to be. A new age is dawning, and it's a wonderful time to be here, and take the lead into embracing this world that we had always envisioned it to be. So please share anything that you think will enrich and further more our knowledge in order to further our purpose in saying thanks and farewell to the old world, and embracing the new.

We are all like-minded and kindred souls and we share similar past experiences that have defined us of being Indigo. However the degree of awakening differs in all of us. So let these posts in the page be a guide to raise your level of awakening, and, at the same time, share what you think will be beneficial to the group, let your Higher Self be your guide. And as always, be respectful to one another in your views and comments as you delve into the page.

So welcome fellow Indigo! We have found each other now - you are not alone. To the new and to the old, may we be reminded of our true origin and that WE are all ONE, in this dimension or another, spreading positive light, vibration and energy. LOVE and PEACE to all.