Yard Sale and Ceramics.ect in Fredonia chautauqua county

welcome to my page please check it out lot lots of good stuff
Please no guns or baby formula or food posted on this website.
Buyers beware of what you are buying. Everything on this site is an "As Is" sale.
Just like if you were buying an item from a yard sale! This is a " No Drama Site". Have fun !!
Do not buy items from one member and turn around and sell on this site for more money. That is not allowed! You will be banned if we see it .
Please be careful about posting your personal information (phone numbers, email, addresses, or “that your front door is open, please come pick it up."
Although this is a closed group, we simply cannot monitor all activity. Please note that we shall not be responsible or liable for any loss or damage that occurs as the result of posting personal information.
Will also not put up with any kind of slander or anything like that.--To put it simple, if you act like an ass on here, you will be removed!!..