Photography | Infinite PhotoClub [IPC]

Infinite Photo Club [IPC] is a place for photographers and artists to share their work and learn. The club is restricted to photography, art and videography.
To maintain the spirit of photography and art, we have a code of conduct.
a) Do not post content irrelevant to photography, art or videography.
b) Infinite PhotoClub is by no means responsible for any misuse of your photos.
c) If you submit a photograph in the group, we recommend that you should put a watermark/copyright over it.
d) All members are requested to refrain from posting content which is profane/abusive in nature.
e) If you do not follow the above specified rules, you shall be removed from the group with no necessary prior notice.
We request you to follow the rules and obey them to ensure a smooth experience at Infinite PhotoClub.
Thank you.