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This group is for INFJs, but other types are welcome as well. We pride ourselves on being a warm and inviting "safe space" to learn about MBTI and what being an INFJ is all about. It's a great spot to discuss the INFJ life, share any articles, songs, art or other media that may be appealing to an INFJ, and of course to do what INFJs do best - counsel.

Feel free to discuss and share anything (with a personal explanation and within group rules), but remember that discrimination, hate speech directed towards groups of people (such as homophobia, sexism and racism, able-ism etc) or personal attacks are not permitted, and memes must be accompanied by some personal description of what the meme means to you (we don't do mindless games in here without some form of nuanced discussion).

If you wonder what type someone is: ask. If you're wondering what type you are: try not to worry too much. Take a lot of quizzes, do a lot of reading, study function stacking (feel free to ask about that!) and most of all don't feel pressured to be an INFJ. All the types are cool in their own way when "done" by cool people grin emoticon The INFJ's in here will still love you if you test something else on your journey kiki emoticon

"Guess my type-posts" and other "photospamming" will only be allowed in one and the same thread as too many picture posts fill up the feed making it difficult to follow.
Memes or pictures that contain no MBTI/personal/counseling/INFJ/Functions-related questions or text, or which do not have a personal comment/discussion in the header, will generally be deleted as much as admins can keep up. (See the rules linkie)

It's great to be INFJ but more importantly we believe in kindness, compassion, and safe sharing here.

Welcome! Share your type and location as a comment to the pinned post if you like smile emoticon

A few more ground rules:

- This is a safe place for LGBTQIA and straight allies; if you are uncomfortable with this, wrong group for ya

- People of all creeds and religions / lack thereof are all welcome but you must be able to respect others' beliefs or lack thereof as long as they are not hurting others.

-Hurting others ain't cool man don't do that in here -- no personal attacks.

-Discrimination against autism, neurological and psychological types/conditions (bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, etc) is not allowed. No condemnation of any disorder (including Cluster B disorders such as NPD, BPD, etc) is allowed. Misinformation spreading will not be tolerated.

- No blocking of admins allowed.

- No "how do I get such and such a type in bed" posts. No objectifying of people. (See details in rules)

- no spam

- if in doubt, ask an admin

For full rule list, click:

Have fun !

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