Inflammatory Breast Cancer (IBC) Support

INFLAMMATORY BREAST CANCER - SUPPORT for those who have been diagnosed with IBC - To join, message us. Look for a reply, might land in your "other inbox" so check both.

We want to share and discuss in a safe environment, membership is limited to people with IBC or those who were diagnosed previously.

The purpose of this group is to be a support group. What does that mean? A support group can give and receive support, be a place to vent, or sometimes a place to lay down your worries with others who understand. We ask questions, we make suggestions; we give hope, love and friendship. We bond over a common issue, the disease that has made friends of women who might not have ever crossed paths otherwise. At the end of the day, we are all the same. We are women who want to live their lives, happy and healthy. As we grow, we think it is important to realize that our strength is in our focus -- Support. Please no selling, pushing products in the group.