In Home Childcare Providers

NOTICE: If your in-home childcare is not listed as your employment and visible when the admins view your timeline, your request will not be approved.

This group is a safe haven for current in-home childcare providers to share experiences, learn from each other, and sometimes vent. This is a closed group, so only members can post and see what is posted.

We have a few rules. Learn them. Love them. Follow them.

1. All members must be current in-home childcare providers.
2. All posts must be childcare related.
3. Advertisements are allowed only if they are directly related to providing childcare services, or managing a childcare business. Do not post ads more than once per month. This includes requests for members to "like" your childcare page.
4. Lurky-loos who lurk lurkily without participating in the group will be removed.
5. No drama! We all have different ways of doing things. We're here to learn, share, and sometimes vent. Keep posts and comments respectful.

Your admins are Sylvia Stafford and Anna Swank. If you see a member breaking the rules, please message one of us or tag us in comments on the post in question and we will address the issue.

If you're regularly breaking the rules, you will be removed from the group. If you think you were removed in error, please message Sylvia or Anna.